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Carpet remnants are the remains of a carpet when it has been cut off or trimmed to size. Many shops today sell carpets according to the sizes that the buyer wants. A buyer might want to have a 10m² while what the buyer has left is 12m². This means that the shop has to sell the 10m² and be left with the 2m². If there will be no customer who comes to buy the remnant which is mostly the case, then the piece will be thrown away or just be stashed with the other left pieces.

The characteristics of the remnants of carpet cutting are many but most of them just match those of the real carpets. Some of the characteristics include;


Quality – The quality of the remnants is always strong or at least the same as that of the main carpet. This is so especially if the remnant is to be found in a carpet shop. If moving houses and one happens to move to a smaller house, trimming the carpets to size so that they can fit into their new rooms. Obviously, the remnants emanating from this exercise are of lower quality because they have been used. Still the quality of a remnant can be determined with the method used to make the carpet.

Material – There are different materials that are used to make carpets. Some of the most popular materials in the market today include polyester, wool, nylon, polypropylene and acrylic among others. Depending on the material used to make a carpet, the remnant from a carpet will also feature the same characteristics.

Price – Many shops don’t actively sell their carpet remnants because of them having low demand. Not many people even know that the remnants are sold. Because of the unpopularity of these pieces of carpets, the shops often find themselves disposing them off. Some shops hold seasonal sales offer whereby they sell all the remnants that they have accumulated over a period of time.

Versatile – The uses of the remnants from carpets are many. In fact, a home owner can use such a piece on almost any part of their home. Many people will use the pieces as carpets, although this is wholly dependent on the size of the remnant. A person can use the pieces as wall hanging, door mats, bed mats and corridor mats. The ease at which these pieces come with is just amazing and many people are now realizing just what a great potential lies in their homes and offices when they use these carpet pieces.

Given the many characteristics that the carpet remnants adorn, it is not hard to see that there are numerous advantages that ride on them. Here are some of the advantages that one stands to enjoy when using these pieces;

  • The prices are low and therefore the ease of getting a piece of a carpet is high.
  • There is a wide array of usages that the carpet pieces can be put into.
  • The versatility of these parts helps people to use them for almost anything. They can use them on walls, floors as rugs, as decorative pieces and so on.
  • Because of the price tags that these carpet pieces have, a person can actually get any type of a rug and more to that get the most valuable type of carpet.

The use of remnants from carpets is becoming popular by the day and many people are loving what their homes stand to gain when they use them.