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Factors Affecting Carpet Remnant Prices

Carpet remnants prices are arguably the most attractive and important feature that has made these items into such sought after accessories. While looking to furnish a home, cost is one the most important factors that has to be carefully considered at all times. Most home owners and contractors go to great lengths in a bid to cut down on the overall cost if only just by a little so that they can keep the building costs as low as possible.

When it comes to carpeting this efforts can best be achieved by using many different approaches key among them investing in remnant carpets. These are essentially small sized leftover carpet scraps that come in many different sizes, shapes and designs depending on their parent carpet. In most cases large carpet dealer shops tend to accumulate large amounts of such odds and ends which they offload into the market at highly discounted prices so that they can free up the much needed space.

With these scraps one can creatively transform their home into a very elegant and stylish affair especially by combining a few pieces together. Alternatively one can use these scraps as tasteful rugs placed strategically at different locations to bring out the best in other existing carpets or in the other furnishings in the house.

However although the carpet remnant prices are usually relatively cheap compared to those of the other traditional carpets they tend to be vary widely due to a number of factors. Most carpet dealers tend to grade their remnants just as they grade their regular carpets by selling higher quality carpets at a higher price compared to the rest. Other factors that might determine this price include the actual size of the remnant with larger pieces costing more compared to smaller pieces. Additionally different dealers may put different price tags on these pieces especially if they have done some extra work on them including binding off or cleaning.

How To Find Free Carpet Remnants

Although it might seem impossible or unrealistic to get anything without having to part with nay money free carpet remnants might be an exception. These remnants which are basically carpet scraps left over from a larger carpet tend to be very popular in very many households.

In most cases major stores off load these scraps of all shapes, sizes, qualities and even designs into the market since they tend to take up lots of space despite not being part of their major inventory. While looking to acquire a few odds and ends either to use as rugs in high traffic areas such as the kitchen at home or to glue together in making a larger carpet there are many ways to go about it as indicated below.

Large carpet dealers

While looking for free carpet remnants this is one of the most likely place that one can acquire them from. In most cases these large dealers tend to have large amounts of left over carpets that end up taking important space. As such they are always looking to offload these pieces into the market to willing buyers at any time.

Depending on the size, quality or design of the remnants these stores can sometimes decide to give them away for free to their customers. Given the unofficial nature of these commodities they are usually very hard to find and one should therefore persistently keep checking local sales listing such as the craigslist for a more updated inventory.

Family and friends

Another likely source of free carpet remnants would be ones family members or friends. One can enquire around if anyone may have these items that they are willing to part with without any cash. In most cases individuals who might be moving house or doing a remodeling are much more likely to have these items that are still useful but no longer have a place in their new homes.

Indoor Outdoor Carpet Remnants

Indoor outdoor carpet remnants are little odds and ends of carpet scraps that are usually used by most home owners to improve the overall look of their homes. Although these scraps are usually very small in size as they are essentially left over’s from larger carpets and thus tend to posses the same quality and striking features as their parent carpets. With these items most people have managed to transform even the dullest looking interiors and exteriors by combining a few scraps together to create a very tasteful and attractive ensemble.

With these carpets one can effectively protect their homes from outside effects such as mud and dirt and at the same time ensure that their outdoors compliment the indoors at all times. The following are common ways in which one can apply these scraps with maximum benefits right at home.


Indoor outdoor carpet remnants usually tend to make for very attractive and high quality rugs that also happen to cost very little. When looking to compliment a larger carpet with a tasteful rug one can use varying sizes of scraps as long as they ensure that these rugs are bound off first to avoid fraying. Alternatively one can also use these rugs on the outside especially at the doorstep thus keeping out dirt and dust from the house at all times. In most cases these rugs tend to not only transform the entire look of the house including the environment but also come with many practical benefits that definitely make them ideal compared to other traditional but very expensive rugs.

Large carpet

Indoor outdoor carpet remnants can also be glued together to make up a larger carpet and then used in a wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors. These carpets tend to personalize a house and even the surrounding areas as one gets to chose exactly which pieces complement each other and go together. To enjoy these and many more remnants benefits one should head over to a reputable carpet dealer store or shop at anytime.

Where To Buy Carpet Remnants

Where to buy carpet remnants is a disturbing question that most home owners have asked at one time or another. Carpet remnants are extremely useful scraps of left over carpets mainly found in major carpet shops that are usually offered at very discounted prices. In recent years these items have become extremely popular especially among most home owners seeking to tastefully furnish their homes without having to pay too exorbitantly for the benefit. With these scraps one can create a very exceptional large carpet comprising of many different but tastefully matched scraps.

Additionally these scraps can also be used as important stand alone rugs especially when appropriately bound off to avoid fraying and even matched with the actual home carpet for better results. While looking to enjoy these and many other benefits offered by these items one should know where to get them in the first place. The following are a few likely spots that one is likely to acquire a set of cheap remnants at any time.

Carpet dealers

The most obvious place where to buy carpet remnants is probably from the actual dealers themselves. Over time as these stores go about their regular selling activities they tend to accumulate large amounts of scraps and left over’s that must be offloaded to the market as they tend to take up lots of very important space. However since these items are generally not part of the actual inventory they are usually not as well advertised or marketed as other items. To get them one has to be very persistent in checking for any alerts or notices advertising a clearance sale at several stores at all times.

Scrap carpet dealers

Apart from the major carpet stores the brokerage leftover carpet dealers are another excellent choice on where to buy carpet remnants. These individuals usually get the scraps from the actual carpet stores and sell them to the general public at a slightly higher price. This is an easier way of obtaining these items as these dealers usually tend to have them at all times.

Large Carpet Remnants

Although large remnants carpet are a truly rare find in the scrap carpet market one can still get a hold of them by careful and diligent searching. These remnants are particularly very popular since they can be applied as a regular sized carpet in smaller rooms or even combined tastefully to create a very attractive ensemble.

Although these items tend to combine the best of both worlds they can be very hard to find and thus one needs an extra level of dedication and the willingness to pay more than in the case of regular sized remnants. While looking for these pieces large carpet dealers are the best bet although other players in this market such as the popular remnants warehouses can also help a lot. Once one obtains these items they can sit back and enjoy numerous striking benefits as listed below.


Although large carpet remnants tend to cost a little more than regular remnants they still cost much less compared to regular sized carpets. This is due to the fact that these items still have a lot of unfinished bits such as binding off among other things. While looking to enjoy a great high quality carpet without paying a mint for it one can buy such carpets and finish them off at home without much trouble.

Versatility is another obvious benefit that comes with large carpet remnants. Most people tend to buy a few of these pieces that tend to be as closely matched in terms of color, patterns and design as possible then combine them to create a harmonious blend that looks like one. This comes in handy especially when one is looking to remodel their house or off load it to the market as a carpet tends to instantly transform the entire outlook of a house. Alternatively one can use these carpets as standalone carpets or rugs in many areas of the house such as the kitchen, dining areas and hallways with spectacular and wonderful results.