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Carpet remnants prices are arguably the most attractive and important feature that has made these items into such sought after accessories. While looking to furnish a home, cost is one the most important factors that has to be carefully considered at all times. Most home owners and contractors go to great lengths in a bid to cut down on the overall cost if only just by a little so that they can keep the building costs as low as possible.

When it comes to carpeting this efforts can best be achieved by using many different approaches key among them investing in remnant carpets. These are essentially small sized leftover carpet scraps that come in many different sizes, shapes and designs depending on their parent carpet. In most cases large carpet dealer shops tend to accumulate large amounts of such odds and ends which they offload into the market at highly discounted prices so that they can free up the much needed space.


With these scraps one can creatively transform their home into a very elegant and stylish affair especially by combining a few pieces together. Alternatively one can use these scraps as tasteful rugs placed strategically at different locations to bring out the best in other existing carpets or in the other furnishings in the house.

However although the carpet remnant prices are usually relatively cheap compared to those of the other traditional carpets they tend to be vary widely due to a number of factors. Most carpet dealers tend to grade their remnants just as they grade their regular carpets by selling higher quality carpets at a higher price compared to the rest. Other factors that might determine this price include the actual size of the remnant with larger pieces costing more compared to smaller pieces. Additionally different dealers may put different price tags on these pieces especially if they have done some extra work on them including binding off or cleaning.