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Outdoor carpet remnants are an exceptionally practical and transforming accessory that most home owners have in recent years enthusiastically adopted. In most cases remnants are small scraps of carpet left over’s from larger carpets and they tend to be sold off in clearance sales by major carpet dealers.

Apart from possessing the many notable benefits of a traditional carpet such as comfort and protection these scraps also happens to be equally valuable especially as far as quality goes. Given the fact that they usually come at a distinctively lower price there really is no reason why one should be without these items in their homes.


Indeed given their notable features these items tend to be very useful in a wide range of situations ranging from interior to exterior with great benefits. The following are only a few areas that one can use these carpets successful at home.

As Outdoors Rugs

Outdoor carpet remnants usually tend to fit perfectly as rugs especially when carefully bound off. In most cases home owners go out and choose a few odds and ends that perfectly compliment the overall look of their house and especially any preexisting carpets inside the house. They then take these pieces bind them off to avoid fraying and proceed to use them at high traffic outdoor situations such as at the door steps. When used appropriately these carpets usually give a home a warm hospitable and very welcoming feel that instantly transforms the entire look of the house.

As Patio Carpets

Depending on how big ones patio is outdoor carpet remnants can be very useful in making these outdoor places warmer and more welcoming. One can look for a big scrap of carpet and bind it off carefully before laying it out on the patio. Alternatively one can choose a few tasteful pieces from a carpet dealer, glue them together and then lay them out to create a very warm comfy and appealing look at the patio.