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Most people know what a carpet is and they will buy one for different purposes in their homes. Going by the long history that carpets have, one can understand why these ordinate pieces of materials play such a pristine role in homes, offices and industrial premises. Carpet remnants on the other hand can be said to be the carpet materials that have been left unused and which are not very profitable to whoever cut them off.

When a person buys a carpet from a carpet shop, they may want to cut it out into fitting the room or rooms that they had in mind, this will obviously have some remnants which one can then keep or throw away. In a more common set up, shops that sell carpets receive customers who buy their carpets according to their preferred measurements rather than what the shop has. This leaves the shops with different pieces of carpets that are really not of any profitable use.

These left pieces attract little value to the shops and it is therefore not common to find them getting featured by these shops, still, the different carpet remnants of carpets are sold to the people who want them.

The use of the remnants from carpets is gaining popularity and it is common to find a person who has used them rather than buying a whole piece of carpet. Since the remnants have the same characteristics as the real carpet, one can have the remnant as a bed mat, hallway rug or even a wall hanging adornment. There are people who love being artistic and work on the different pieces of remnants to come up with whole sized carpets for their houses. Such people will buy a big mat on which to stick the remnants on with strong glue. They will then cover the circular or the rectangular hard material with the different parts of the carpet remnants so that they can get their desired carpet.

Since many shops don’t actively sell the remnants that they are left with when they cut carpets for their customers, these pieces are very cheap. Some shops will discard these pieces while others will accumulate them and sell them in a seasonal offer. obviously, many people have different sizes of resting rooms or living rooms and a piece that might prove to be of absolute no use might actually prove to be the perfect fit for another person’s living room or bedroom. It is for this reason that people are advised to visit the carpet shops and ask for the remnants or at least keep their ears on the ground to hear when next such a shop has a sale going on for the remnants.

Since there are different types of carpets in the market, one will definitely also find different types of their carpet remnants. Basically carpets can be classified as follows and their remnants will also have the same traits only that their sizes and shapes are uneven.


Types of carpets

Knotted – Most oriental rugs are knotted especially those from Kashmir. These types of carpets were popular in the 70s and are still popular because of their sturdiness. The pattern used to make them is also unique.
Needlefelt – If a place has a lot of traffic like an office or a hotel, then the use of the needelfelt carpet is the solution. They are made by intermingling and felting individually synthetic fibers using highly technological needles. They are strong and durable.
Tufted – Most domestic carpets all over the world are tufted. These types of carpet have a backing material on which the hessian weave is bonded to. The use of the bonding technique is meant to make the carpet strong.
Woven – Like many other woven materials, a woven carpet is produced in a loom. The woven carpets are more associated with the Berbers. These types of carpets have very many designs and one can actually get any type of carpet based on design, texture, material and color when they use this method. They are also the most expensive mainly because of the long time spent making one.

The use of carpet remnants in everyday lives of many people is now becoming prevalent. Many shops are getting value for the remnants although a little. On the other hand people are finding different uses of these remnants and some of them include wall hangings, mats, door rugs or even whole size carpets depending on the size of the remnant. For the more artistic people, the use of the remnant is more valuable because of ability to create a whole size carpet from different parts of carpets. Obviously, their houses or places of work will stand out and everyone will be awed by the ingeniousness of such people. It can therefore be said that the remnants from a carpet are usable and can actually be used to turn a house, office or a passage into a really beautiful spot.