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Although it might seem impossible or unrealistic to get anything without having to part with nay money free carpet remnants might be an exception. These remnants which are basically carpet scraps left over from a larger carpet tend to be very popular in very many households.

In most cases major stores off load these scraps of all shapes, sizes, qualities and even designs into the market since they tend to take up lots of space despite not being part of their major inventory. While looking to acquire a few odds and ends either to use as rugs in high traffic areas such as the kitchen at home or to glue together in making a larger carpet there are many ways to go about it as indicated below.


Large carpet dealers

While looking for free carpet remnants this is one of the most likely place that one can acquire them from. In most cases these large dealers tend to have large amounts of left over carpets that end up taking important space. As such they are always looking to offload these pieces into the market to willing buyers at any time.

Depending on the size, quality or design of the remnants these stores can sometimes decide to give them away for free to their customers. Given the unofficial nature of these commodities they are usually very hard to find and one should therefore persistently keep checking local sales listing such as the craigslist for a more updated inventory.

Family and friends

Another likely source of free carpet remnants would be ones family members or friends. One can enquire around if anyone may have these items that they are willing to part with without any cash. In most cases individuals who might be moving house or doing a remodeling are much more likely to have these items that are still useful but no longer have a place in their new homes.