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Bound carpet remnants is a term that tends to cause loads of confusion among the carpet customers and even interestingly among vintage carpet sales people. In most cases this term refers to a carpet that is bound up unfinished due to various reasons at the factory of manufacture. This may happen when a particular order for a carpet is made and then suddenly cancelled requiring the carpet maker to leave it off unfinished. On the other hand a carpet weaver may run out of important materials during the weaving process forcing them to just bind up their work and sell it off to an appropriate carpet dealer at an agreeable price.

Regardless of the reason that led to this carpet they still tend to be very useful in a wide range of applications especially when matched up tastefully with other matching carpets or rugs. However despite this these carpets tend to be insufficient for full house carpeting requiring one to use more than one type of bound remnants for the entire house. Despite their complicated nature though they are still extremely popular amongst most home owners due to a host of various reasons listed below.



Due to the unmitigated circumstances that usually lead to the creation of these carpets they tend to be sold off more cheaply than other traditional carpets. Indeed one can enjoy a great bargain of even the best quality carpet in the market at most carpet stores on the bound carpet remnants. While looking to furnish ones home with the best carpets this is the best method to take as one can afford only the best especially if they take time to choose carefully.

To get the best deals one should however keep close tabs on all the common carpet dealerships in their locality and even online to ensure that they get as many similar or even matching remnants especially when it comes to color, material and weaving pattern.


While looking to combine a few tasteful and exceptionally innovative carpets in one’s home the bound carpet remnants is a great way to go about it. With these carpets one has the freedom to combine more than one type of carpet in their home creating a lively and truly fascinating feel. One can actually choose related colors, materials and even patterns to create the best ensemble that will not only make the house very classy but also transform its entire look instantly.