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Remnant carpet is a carpet left over’s or scraps of carpets that are too small to serve as a carpet cover for an entire room. Such remnants are particularly common in large carpet shops that tend to cut up carpets for their customers and leave behind small odds and ends that might not be very easy to sell off.

Although some shops rarely display their remnants others still tend to hold seasonal clearing sales that enable them to get rid of all their scraps at the same time. Apart from the fact that these items usually come at a discount which can be great especially if one is working a budget they also tend to be more versatile and thus applicable in wide variety of cases.



The most common application of a remnant carpet in most homes is as a rug. These small carpets are ideal for use in areas that require rugs such as the outdoors or at the doorsteps. While looking to enjoy a really great rug at a bargain this items are definitely the best.

These scraps are also commonly used to make a larger carpet for an entire room. Armed with a really strong adhesive and a background rectangular or circular tough material one can easily make a large carpet for the entire room using numerous such scraps. This can give one a chance not only to be as creative as possible but also to enjoy a great carpet that costs very little.

These items can also be used in high traffic areas such as hallways or at doorsteps. This ensures that the actual carpet is always protected from any unpleasant and hard to clean stains emanating from muddy shoes or extreme weather conditions on the outside.


Cheap: in most cases remnant carpet usually comes at very attractive bargains because they are not meant for sale to start with. While looking to get the best bargain available one should look out for sales promotions in larger carpet stores or at the local carpet shops. With these scraps one can furnish their whole home with a great looking carpet made from scarps or a great looking rug and none would be the wiser.

Versatile: these items come in many different patterns, designs and materials making them very easy to use in a wide variety of situations with very striking results. These carpets can be used for any purpose unlike a standalone rug or small carpet creating an illusion of class and variety at little cost.